Moraira Villa for sale

About this Villa

This stunning Mediterranean style property for sale in the heart of beautiful landscapes will allow you to live the most comfortable and beautiful life possible. As it is rightly said, the exclusivity of a house begins with its address. Nothing beats this one of the most prestigious residential areas in Europe, often referred to as the "Pearl of Moraira" and "Spain's most exclusive address".

A luxury villa with a southern charm and flamboyance character, the best setting for the world renowned Mediterranean lifestyle. It flawlessly represents the cultural heritage of the region and its traditional experiences - classic architectural elements, columns and arches, tiled roofs and terracotta floors, clay, wrought metal and wood products, exposed brickwork, beamed ceilings, courtyard paving, classic fireplace, handmade ceramic tiles and other characteristic, instantly recognizable elements of the Mediterranean.

Approximate location